NYC Marathon November 4th 2012

Ultras to End Alzheimer’s is teaming up with the Run to Remember Team at the Alzheimer’s Association to raise awareness and funding for programs offered throughout the NYC area for families struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. ¬†Please support Ultra’s to End Alzheimer’s as we try to get to our goal of $60,000 raised in support of the Alzheimer’s Association.

2012 Can Lake 50

Ultras to End Alzheimer’s was back at it last weekend. ¬†My beautiful wife Siri, my mother in law, Belinda and my sister in law, Emma. ¬†Were a fantastic crew! ¬†Although it was a little cold and rainy at the start, it turned out to be a great day and a fantastic trip. ¬†I ended up finishing in fourth overall in 7hrs 35mins. ¬†This was my first 50 mile race in roughly 14 months and considering I have not been running as much as I would like, I think the team ended up with a good result.


Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Trail Race

This was my second 50 mile race in less than a month and my fourth ultra marathon in ten months.  Although the Leadville course was less technical then the Mohican course I ran in June, the real challenge was trying to deal with the altitude.  This race started at over 10,000ft, climbed to over 12,000ft and boasted over 8,000ft of vertical change so it was quite the challenge.  Even though I was not as successful as I wanted to be in Leadville, I finished 33rd out of 300+ racers with a time of 9hrs 10mins, this race truly was an incredible experience.  Colorado really is an amazing place and having the opportunity to run in the mountains there was such a privilege.  Thank you to my wife Siri, my brother Andrew, my mother and step-father for making the long cross country trip to Colorado.  Without all of you supporting me during the race I would not have finished!

Thank you to all of the supporters of Ultras to End Alzheimer’s for giving me the opportunity to represent the Alzheimer’s Association, NYC Chapter over the last year. Because of all of your support of the project, I will be working as a spokesperson for the Alzheimer’s Association’s national office during World Alzheimer’s Month. In addition, I will be working alongside the members of the NYC Chapter to create an ongoing fundraising effort focused around running.

The North Face Mohican 50 Mile Trail Race Results

On Saturday (June 18th) I ran in the Mohican 50 Mile Trail Race, one of the older trail ultras in the country. The course is 95% trail and boasts 7,500 feet of elevation change so it is one of the tougher races in the US.  In addition, because this is sponsored by The North Face and is a qualifying race for the 50 mile World Championship in San Francisco there are no pacers allowed and crews are given very little access to their runners.  Over 400 runners arrived in Loudonville, OH to run in either the 27, 50 or 100 mile races being held on the course.  Of that, 122 runners toed the starting line for the 50 mile race.  This was an extremely challenging day both mentally and physically.  I ended up finishing 5th overall with a time of 8hrs 47mins two spots away from receiving an automatic bid for the World Championships in December.  No runner finished the course in under 7hrs 50mins which speaks to the challenge of the Mohican Trail Race.  I do want to thank my mother and my step father for coming all the way to Ohio to support me.  The race certainly would not have gone as well as it did without your help.  Thank you both so much you were and amazing and incredibly patient crew!


I wanted to give a quick shout out to my trainer Elizabeth Carrion at Mountain Peak Fitness.  Elizabeth has been running ultras since the year 2000 and has competed in numerous 100 mile races.  It has been a pleasure getting to know Elizabeth and she has been instrumental in helping me train during this challenge.

I highly recommend checking out Mountain Peak Fitness’ training programs at¬†

Quick Scheduling Change…

I will not be competing in the Zane Grey 50 and will instead be running in The North Face Mohican 50 mile trail race in Loudonville, Ohio on June 18th.  Logistically the Zane Grey was just too difficult to travel to.  Thank you again for all of your support and I look forward to starting training again.

A couple pictures from the race. More to come…

Iron Horse 100K Results

February 19th was an amazing day. It was a little difficult to manage some of the longer trestles on this course (which was held on an old railroad track), but I really enjoyed running on a trail versus the road. I ended up winning the 100k race with a time of 10hrs 5mins.  Thank you Siri, Lizzy, Andrew, Mom and Michael.  Having you there to support me really helped me to stay motivated throughout the day and I would not have finished without you all there.  Siri, Lizzy and Andrew were all great pacers and Andrew shocked us all as he ran 16 miles alongside me and dragged me across the finish line.

Training: November 29 – December 5 – Build Stage 1

Monday (11/29): Rest

Tuesday (11/30): Road run, 1:58:00, 14.45 miles РSteady pace.  Ran up the West Side Highway. Felt a little drained from the prior week. Wished I had been a bit faster

Wednesday (12/1): Road Run, 1:12:00, 8.80 miles РSteady pace. Ran 2 miles barefoot on one of the turf fields on the East Side.  Very wet and windy outside by the end of this run.  Wanted to get in three or four more miles in.

Thursday (12/2): Road Run, 1:51:00, 14.46 miles - Steady pace.  Ran up the West Side Highway. 

Friday (12/3): Trail Run, 5:08:00, 30.25 miles РSteady pace.  Ran on the Long Path out to the orange blaze then did the long climb back up to the long path on the blue and white blaze after running on the shore trail for three miles or so.  Ran along the long path at the northern end of the park by the state lookout to complete the out and back mileage. 

Saturday (12/4): Rest 

Sunday (12/5

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Training: November 22 – 28 – Build Stage 1

Monday (11/22): Cross Training, 1:01:00

Tuesday (11/23): Road run, 1:23:00, 11.07 miles – Steady pace.¬† Didn’t feel too good during this run a little drained from traveling on Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday (11/24): Trail Run, 2:27:00, 16.23 miles РSteady pace. Ran on the long path in the Palisades

Thursday (11/25): Road Run, 2:00:00, 14.59 miles - Steady pace.  Ran up the West Side Highway.  Pretty tired after trail run on Wednesday

Friday (11/26): Trail Run, 3:38:00, 23.68 miles РSteady pace.  Ran on the Shore Trail for a few miles then did the long climb up to the long path and ran along the long path to complete the out and back mileage

Saturday (11/27): Road Run, 00:45:00, 5.28 miles РSteady pace.  Ran out in Westport, CT to keep my legs stretched and warm for an up tempo run on Sunday 

Sunday (11/28): Road Run, 1:34:00, 13.46 miles - Steady pace.  One long loop out in Westport, CT.  Started out a little slow because of the mileage I had tallied for the week, but picked it up during the last 9 miles or so

Totals for the week: 11:47:00, 84.31 miles

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