Junior Committee Update  

Blondes vs. Brunettes®
Although the Super Bowl may be a distant memory to many, it is still football season for the Alzheimer’s Association.

The Junior Committee (JC) is excited to provide an update on its inaugural Blondes vs. Brunettes® (BvB) fundraising initiative on New York City soil! BvB is a flag football game played by 50 of the area’s most talented, bright and beautiful women (in their 20’s and 30’s), all fundraising for a common cause: to see an end to Alzheimer’s.

The event has been incredibly well received in New York City. Initial exposure for the event in the Wall Street Journal courtesy of “Heard and Scene” columnist Marshall Heyman and the “Weekend Miser” column written by Rachael Lee Harris for the New York Times helped to launch a series of media placements and partnership opportunities in the New York City market.

Television and radio appearances followed the premier print articles. NBC’s Erika Tarantal interviewed JC President, Erin Eininger, and BvB Event Chair, Hili Banjo, live on Sunday, March 6. The interview aired the morning of the Draft Party — where the teams were selected and officially announced by WFAN’s Evan Roberts. In addition, a thirty-minute radio spot on ClearChannel’s 103.5 KTU broadcasted on Sunday, April 24. Cindy Vero’s “KTU Cares” segment, which focuses on individuals giving back to their communities, provided increased publicity for BvB as we gear up to Game Day. There were even 20 bright purple BvB advertisements displayed in phone kiosks from the Financial District to the Upper West and Upper East Sides in Manhattan during February.

As a result of the BvB-related media attention, the JC has had the ability to further emit messages to increase awareness of Alzheimer’s disease as well as the programs and services offered by the New York City Chapter. In addition to exposure within NYC and the JC’s demographic, we are confident a large percentage of our applicants and coaches will continue their dedication to the cause through involvement as JC members moving forward.

Similar to the successes with our Team Run To Remember membership (the ING NYC Marathon participants introduced to the JC 2009) activities that engage individuals who might not have initially sought out the JC but have a personal connection to Blondes vs. Brunettes® Although the Super Bowl may be a distant memory to many, it is still football season for the Alzheimer’s Association. junior committee update T Alzheimer’s disease are now united not only as a Blonde or a Brunette, but as a supporter of our mission and an advocate for a world without Alzheimer’s disease.

You can watch the dedicated, not to mention, highly competitive (both in fundraising — we’ve raised $93,000 to date — and in flag football) teams in action on Game Day scheduled for May 21, at 12pm on Roosevelt Island’s Octagon Field. Tickets are available at www.bvbnyc.org for $25.

For additional information and details regarding sponsorship, please contact Erica Goldberg at egoldberg@alznyc.org or 646.744.2939. Sponsors, media hits and additional information can be found at www.bvbnyc.org.

A very special thank you to our sponsors: Modell’s, Under Armour, c2c outdoor, Titan, New York Post, popchips, FRS Healthy Energy, vitaminwater, Pirate’s Booty, EyeBlack.com, and Zipcar.*