Development Report  

I am delighted to report that as of December 15, the date of this writing, our year-end Campaign is off to a very good start. To date, we have raised $149,411 towards our $500,000 goal, which is 15% ahead of last yearís donations. We also have many first-time donors to the Campaign, which reflects a growing awareness and support of our work. Thank you.

I wish to take this opportunity to highlight several major gifts that are signifi cantly advancing our work. I received news today of a very special $250,000 gift from The Charles Evans Foundation to underwrite the establishment of ďThe Charles Evans Annual Lecture on the Art and Science of Caregiving.Ē We have worked closely with Alice Shure and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, trustees of the Foundation, to support Chapter initiatives on caregiving. This latest very generous donation will create a platform to position caregiving as an important social, political, and spiritual issue that merits thoughtful discussion and discourse. There will be more information about this important program in the months ahead.

The MetLife Foundationís new grant of $30,000 is supporting the continuation of En EspaŮol and Si no es Alzheimer, que podria ser? (If it is not Alzheimerís, then what is it?). These publications have been crucial to building awareness in the Latino community and ensuring that Spanishspeaking New Yorkers have a place to turn for valuable information and counsel in time of need. We are also delighted by a new grant from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation of $75,000 to support the expansion of our Home Care Training Program. Many of you reading this newsletter have home care aides trained in dementia care by the NYC Chapter. This is one of our most important programs to ensure quality of care in the home.

EmblemHealth is supporting two new booklets, Making Home Care Work For You, and Moving Your Relative to a Nursing Home, to provide guidance to family caregivers. And, the Hyde and Watson Foundationís award of $5,000 is supporting the purchase of much-needed equipment for the newly planned Early Stage Services Center. Persons diagnosed with early stage dementia are quite often isolated from their friends as they experience a number of diff erent emotions. This grant will enable those recently diagnosed to maintain a good quality of life by utilizing the Centerís technology to communicate with loved ones via e-mail, listen to music, or watch movies as a group.

And in closing, we now have 75 personalized Bryant Park Memory Chairs located throughout Bryant Park. This program has helped to build awareness for our cause while providing a meaningful way to pay tribute to someone special. Take a stroll through the Park and read the plaques on the chairs.

It has been a busy season for us as we reflect on 2011 and look forward to 2012. The economy continues to be a challenging one but we are very fortunate to have such good friends and supporters. Thank you.