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My father has Alzheimer’s disease.

Dad and I, before he developed Alzheimer’s

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He was diagnosed in 2006 and his decline has been long, slow and painful.  There is currently no cure - my family and I can only watch as he disappears before our eyes.

My name is Liz Queler and I’m a musician.

Helpless to make any real difference, I did what I do. I wrote a song.

Dad Today

“Hallelujah (Sing For The Hope)” is an anthem about persevering through grief, and it got me through some very dark days. I had no great plan other than to record it, which I did—with my husband, Broadway pianist Seth Farber. It sounded great and we were happy...almost. I had always envisioned a choir on the song, so we asked some of our singer and musician friends to lend their voices. Three videographers were on hand to document the day. We served up chicken wings, wine and Twizzlers and spent a few beautiful hours in the studio making the track come alive with our very own "Hallelujah Choir." I was stunned to discover how many of these friends had lost their own loved ones to Alzheimer’s and dementia-related diseases.
It was a healing day for all of us. Please join our cause.

The intention is to match views with dollars and to keep this effort going and growing until we reach our ultimate goal of $50K.

We have a long way to go. 
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Together, we can find a cure.
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