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Tributes: 11/1/2007 - 1/31/2008
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Mrs. Rosalie Abitabilo

St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital Board of Trustees,
Allan Atzrott President and CEO, and the Executive Staff


Mr. Herbert Abraham

Harriet and Ernie Schimel


Mr. Ruperto Acevedo

Millie Fulford

Ms. Nereida Vergara


Ms. Hy Adams

Ms. Joyce Shapiro


Mr. Vincent Ahlemeyer

Ms. Janet Craggan


Ms. Mary Aiello

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Battista


Angela Albano's Father

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cohen


Dominick and Frances Algeri

Ms. Antonina F. Algeri


Ms. Lillian Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Waclaw J. Dubicki


Mr. Kenneth Allman

Ms. Estelle Allman


Dr. Jetty Alter

Mr. Allen Alter


Philip Amin

The New Kalman Sunshine Fund, Inc.


Josephine Arena

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arena


Mr. Robert Aronowitz

Ms. Kay B. Risom


Irene Arruda

Mr. Jerome L. Telson


Sister of Shirley Avnet

Ms. Shirley Avnet


Ms. Margaret Bajcar

Ms. Barbara Winter


Mrs. Marie Barbera

Marjorie and Robert Klinker


Ms. Linnett Barrett

Ms. Erdie Barrett


Caroline Behrmann

Mrs. Caroline Ferguson


Mrs. Edna Beisher

Carl I. Cohen, M.D.


Mr. Robert Bencivenga

Mrs. Victoria Bencivenga


Mr. David Berkowitz

Ms. Theodora ( Teddi ) Tsaousis


Mr. Milton Berman

Mark and Judy Shernicoff


Ms. Nathan Bernstein

Mr. Maurice B. Zucker


Seymour Bernstein

Ms. Carol Adelson


Mrs. Shirley Karfoil Bernstein

John and Darla Karlton


Lillian & Irving Bierenberg

Ms. Lynne Silverstein


Ms. Freda R. Blay

Mr. John A. Jager

Kim Kleasen & Glenn Thomas


Mrs. Ann Blicker

Rebecca Philipson


Mrs. Carol Bobbe

Jocelyn Schuman


Ms. Sheila Borella

Ms. Theodora ( Teddi ) Tsaousis


Ms. Ruth Braunstein

Ms. Susan Braunstein


Mrs. Muriel Braverman

Tony and Laura Koestler


Mrs. Rose Brino

Paul and Lorraine Pendergast

Thomas and Elizabeth Pendergast


Mrs. Barbara Bruno

Lisa Reid


Ms. Angelina Brusco

Ms. Laura Gambale


Mr. Jose Bulgala

Mr. Joseph A. Bulgala


Abel Burkett

Ms. Ellen Burkett


Eleanor M. Byrnes

Mr. John P. Byrnes


Hazel Caesar

Ms. Sandra Patricia Caesar


Mr. Philip Caffrey

Mr. Steven Suriani


Mr. Joseph Caivano

JPMorgan Chase Bank


Mr. Nicholas Camparelli

Ann DiLeo


Ms. Ellen Canning

Ms. Helen Geraghty


Caroline Capodanno

Ms. Lucy A. Capodanno


Mrs. Florence Cardillo

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cardillo


Ms. Tinnie Carter

Ms. Majora Carter


Peter Casolaro, Sr.

Dave Stampley


Mary E. Cassaday

Ms. Joan D. Doherty


Mrs. Lula Castle

Carey Ellinghaus


Mrs. Stella Catalano

Toni Tierney


Mr. Vincent Cavataio

Ms. Judith A. Cavataio


Mr. Joseph Cerulli

Sheila T. O'Connor


Mr. William J. Chabina

Scott Chabina


Mr. Jeff Choder

Katz Media Group, INC.


Irving Chodor

Ms. Phyllis Chodor


Mr. Jeffrey Chodor

Ms. Phyllis Chodor

Mrs. Rachel Goldman


Mr. Robert Christopher

Frima Christopher, Ph.D.


Mrs. Leilani Lee Chun

Mr. Paul Keoni Chun


Josephine Cillo

Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Cillo


Mr. Rocco Cillo

Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Cillo


Mr. William Clarke

Matthew Molloy


Mr. Marvin Cochran

Sandy Cochran


Ms. Claudia Cohen

Leslie and Richard Kaskel


Ms. Harriet Cohen

Ms. Susan E. Cohen


Mr. Max Cohen

Mr. Paul Cohen


Ms. Nathalie Cohen

Ms. Shirley Glaser


Nathan W. Coleman, M.D.

Ms. Glee R. Kleinberg


Nora K. Coleman

Ms. Barbara J. Coleman


Ms. Nereida Colón

Elsa Colón


Mrs. Domenica Conciatori

Mr. and Mrs. Enzo Conciatori


Mr. Martin Conlon

Paramount Group, Inc.


Joe Coopersmith

Michael and Vicki Gold


Mrs. Mary Coppola

Mr. Dominick Pampinella


Thomas P. Corrigan, Jr.

Elaine K Fonda


Mrs. Phyllis Curtis

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Berger


Mr. Richard Dalton

Ms. Kathleen McCormick


Ms. Ursula Dannemiller

Ms. Dianne Schultz


Ms. Martha Danz

Mrs. Janet Frey


Mary Davi

Ms. Sandra Dankner


Mrs. Ruth D. Davis

Ms. Millicent Davis


Gloria Davison

Ms. Dorothy Caiazzo


Mr. Ralph De Luca

James and Barbara Gilman

Aunt Mary, Mrs. William E. Hill, Anna & Justin Hill

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Treacy


Mr. Edward De Maria

Ms. Muriel F. De Maria


Mr. Americo DeAnnuntis

Seena Miodownik


Mr. Joseph DeBattista

Mr. Jerry Ragano


Michael and Mary Dellicato

Mr. and Mrs. William Dellicato


Mr. Raffaele DelliGatti

Dolores Lorenzo


Mr. Hugh Dennedy

Ms. Margot Dennedy


Mr. Gerald Deutch

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Drucker

Mr. Jack N. Schulman

Mr. & Mrs. Eleanor E. Weiss


Mrs. Gertrude E. Devine

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Connors

Kristin and Douglas Gulasy

Mr. & Mrs. John Masi

Robert F. Wissert and Muriel B. Seim


Rose Di Bella

Mr. and Mrs. Bruno A. Scauri


Mrs. Lila Dickerman

Charles S. Kaufman; CFP, INC.

Natalie and Jamie Ferguson

Art Jetter & Company

The Marketing Alliance, INC.

Douglas Mishkin

Lillian M. Palermo

Roger and Nancy Roenfeldt

Ronald and Stacy Rovner

Steven and Carol Schanker

Angie Tewksbury

The Society of Underwriting Brokers, INC.

The UNIFI Companies

United Underwriters, INC.

Leonard and Myra Zaremba


Mr. Vasilios Dimakakos, “Beloved Father of Stacy Dimakakos,  A Member of Our Junior Committee”

The Global Consulting Group


Marion Dismas

Ms. Barbara A. Dismas


Mr. Samuel Dobbs

Sylvia Forschirm


Phyllis Doppelt

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mandel


Martha Dorfman

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Dorfman


Mr. Edward Edelstein

Mr. Joseph A. Deluca


Ms. Sophie Egrin

Ms. Toby K. LaMarche


Charles L. Ellis, Sr.

Amy Kallas

Ms. Melissa S. Washington


Mr. Martin S. Elmer

Ms. Karen J. Hammerlof


Mr. Murry Erlich

Ms. Helen Erlich

Mrs. Senia E. Feiner


Mr. Abraham Ettin

Ms. Ruth Ettin


Mrs. Pearl Ezratty

Ms. Vicki Browning

Heidi Burkhart

Ms. Karlene A. Channer

Adnil A. Clarke

Eastern Consolidated Properties, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Victor P. Levy

Mr. and Mrs. Werner Nass

Roberto F. Ortiz

Ronda and Robert Rogovin

Mrs. Mindy I. Schwartz

Ronald A. Solarz

Jonathan Adelsberg, Laurie Grasso and your friends at Herrick Feinstein LLP.

Marcia Rose Yawitz


Dr. Mario N. Fabi

Ms. Teresa Fabi


Mrs. Gloria Fanning

Mark Weiss and Family


Ms. Patricia Irene Faux

The Judy Fund


Mrs. Jane Feakins

Patricia Enright

George Liggett

Ochi Scobie

Catherine Somple and Family

Deborah R. Yount


Greta Feigl

Ms. Marion Feigl


Ms. Sandy Felberbaum

Mrs. Audrey S. Felberbaum


Jean Feldman

Steve and Patty Feldman


Mrs. Josephine Felicia

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Limandri


Dr. Louis Ferris

Ms. Dina Cuomo


Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Annette Fezza

Ms. Diane Fezza Sacco


Helen Field

Ms. Claire Perlman


Mrs. Catherine Fiore

Ms. Barbara Fiore and Family


Mrs. Claire P Fishman

Mr. Fred N. Fishman


Mrs. Mary Fitton

Ms. Maura E. Fitton


Mr. Bernard Fleischer

Nancy, Bruce and Danny and families


Emily Fleming

Pat and Matt Fleming


Mr. Anthony Flery

Ms. Janet Flery


Mr. Richard Folger

Diana Silberman and Neville Marlans

Frank and Harriet Wolfer


Helen A. Forger

Ms. Maureen Hickey


Mr. Max Forman

Joan and Murray Berger


Ms. Sylvia Forman

Ms. Sandra Rosenberg


Mrs. Frances Freed

Ms. Annette Petrusa


Mr. Theodore Freeman

Richard and Randi Freeman


Mrs. Nunia Frenkel

P.S. 114 Family


Israel S. Friedman

Ms. Lois Friedman


Mr. Joseph Friedman

Alyce and Henry Assael


Ms. Hilda Fuchs

Ms. Cynthia Fuchs


Mr. Meyer Fuchsberg

Ms. Rosalie Fuchsberg


Mrs. Sally Furman

Ms. Elizabeth Snyder


Mr. Murray Gallin

Ms. Myra J. Entenberg


Mrs. Patience D. Gallo

Ms. Linda Randolph


Mrs. Esther Garbatow

Ms. Libby Bay


Mr. Matthew Garfinkel

David Schwartz


Ben Garth

Marjorie Tallman Educational Foundation


Mrs. Katherine Gartnell

Ms. Jean Lewis


Mr. Luigi Gaudio

Mr. and Mrs. Antonino Carollo


Mr. Joseph Gelb

Ms. Judith G. Vogel


Ms. Ida Gershowitz

Ms. Maida W. Gershowitz


Mrs. Dorothy Gherardi

Ms. Francine Watnick


Mrs. Mary Girardat

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Liuzzi III


Father of Edy Glazer

Mrs. Carole Rosenwasser


Mrs. Jeanette Godlove

Ms. Diane Lazarus


Mr. Neal S. Goldberg

Ms. Marilyn Ackerman

Ms. Theresa Michnowicz


Ms. Bertha Goldfeld

Mr. Arnold Ross


Mr. Rip Goldman

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gold


Ms. Beatrice Goldstein

Ms. Lynn M. Goldstein


Miriam Gollop's Brother Dave

Mrs. Mickey Axelbank


Mr. Anthony Gonzalez

Ms. Juliet A. Gonzalez


Mr. Arnold Goodman

Ms. Janet L. Schwartz


Elizabeth Goodnough

Ms. Rosemarie Goodnough


Mary Goral

Ms. Krys Goral


Mr. Lee Gordon

Martin and Evelyn Apter

Eileen Brajer

Ronnie and Amy Buttacavoli

Medis W. Cheek

Phyllis and Harvey Gelman

Ruth I Kunin

Marge Lyons

John and Michelle Merante

Chris and Jennifer Rinaman

Marion Rosenberg

Frances B. Sax

Gaven and Donna Stair

Maria L. Toledo

Ms. Joan S. Wallenstein


Ms. Pearl Green

Ms. Sandra Dankner


Ms. Frances Greenberg

Susan Greenberg & Robert Schwartz


Mr. Ben Greenblatt

Donald J. Salomon, D.M.D.


Mr. Vincent Grillo

Karen, Adam and Kimberly Benjamin


Ms. Florence Gross

Ms. Barbara Gross


Mrs. Elliot Grossman

Dean and Barbara Philbrick


Mrs. Janice Grossman

Mr. & Mrs.Tony DiPaola

Carol G. Gray

Kelly Liao

Michael Ciganek, Maria Giammona, Jesse Chevere, Donna Tucker, John Mangieri, Lem Torres, Christine Polar, Bill Scheidermann, Roe Colasante, Akisha Charles, Marilyn Lynton, Belinda Reyes, Sandra Collazo, Cara Ruggiero, William Rivera

The New York Custom Tailors Designers Club, INC.

Robert and Jennifer Vogliano

Rachel Weiner


Mr. Milton Gubersky

Mr. Leon P. Gubersky


Ms. Doris Gulotta

Edward Siegel & Kathi Gulotta Siegel


Mrs. Dora S. Hardwich

The Seaweeders Garden Club of Bay Head and Mantoloking, INC.


Ms. Anna Hardy

Evelyn and Lawrence Evans


Agnes Hearn

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hearn


Mr. Carmen Hedli

Ms. Nancy Dalton


Mr. Joseph Herbert

Ms. Maria E. Glanton


Mrs. Esther Herman

Mr. Dale Goldmacher


Mrs. Carol Hershey

Laura Conwesser

Mr. and Ms. Romeyn Everdell

The Community House

Mark Sonoda

Jon Taylor & Mary Sano


Mr. Marvin Herson

Rosemary and Fred Hamel

Ms. Geraldine E. Tyler


Clifton Hibbert

Ms. Denise Hibbert


Ms. Doris Hicks

Mr. Dominic Togno


Mrs. Laura Hirsch

Mrs. Robin Jagoda


Mr. Norman Hock

Ms. Carol L. Esgar


Ms. Madeleine Hodges

Mr. George Andrew


Mr. Murray Holdman

Ms. Roberta Zeigher


Ms. Nancy Hyland

Ms. Mina Schienberg


Ms. Selma Iger

Ms. Joan Schlissel


Joseph Ilan

Ms. Regina Ilan


Florence Jacoby

Ms. Marjorie Jacoby


Ms. Anna Jasen

Ms. Georgette Jasen


Julia Lee Johnson

Ms. Shirley Macklin


Ms. Patricia B. Johnson

Mrs. Gwendolyn D. Johnson


Mr. BenHenry Jones

Mrs. Doresa D. Jones


Mr. Sidney Joseph

Ms. Susan A. Joseph


Mrs. Sonya Jussim

Ms. Jude Jussim and Mr. Roger E. Baker


Ms. Helen Kadish

Daniel and Rachel Rocker


Leon Kanner

Mr. and Mrs. Roland P. Brint


Mae Karr

Ms. Lynn Karpen


Ms. Syd Kasell

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Kasell


Ruth Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mishler


Mrs. Rose Kay

Mr. Michael N. Kay


Mr. Robert Keller

Kristin, Caroline and Christopher Rehkow


Mr. Leonard Kimmel

Mr. Burt Wallace


Mr. Max Klaber

Leslie and Ina Sterling


Mrs. Roma Koplewicz

Ms. Beatrice Favino


Mr. Max Kornblith

Ms. Doris Kornblith


Mrs. Gena Kornbrot

Ms. Beryl Rosendorf


Ms. Rose Koval

Gary and Marlene Gross


Mrs. Miriam Kramer

Ilona M. Zuckerberg


Mr. Robert Krieger

Rimma Neman

Janet Seidman


Mrs. Helen Kump

Charlene and Ron Ruotolo


Mrs. Anne La Capra

Albert and Leah Zucker


Ms. Charlotte Laiken

Ogilvy & Mather


Ms. Helen M. Lake

Sister Virginia M. Lake


Mr. Salvatore A. Landi

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Landi


Mr. George Lane

Florentine Sokol and Helen Lefko


Ms. Mildred Laudadio

Ms. Grace DeVivio


Mr. David Lederman

Mr. David Fischer


Ms. Rebecca Leff

Ms. Anne Garfinkel


Mrs. Angelina Leonardi

Thomas J. Di Marzio

Ralph and Nanci Valente


Mrs. Angelina Leornardi

Joseph Morello


Ms. Etta Gordon Lesse

Ms. Cathy R. Lesse


Mr. Frank Levine

Mrs. Rita Suval


Ms. Susan Levine

Abigail Miller, Ph.D.


Morris Levinsohn

Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Baron


Mrs. Margaret Levis

Mr. Edward A. Jalil

Frank and Lisbeth Stern

Joseph and Evelyn Sullivan


Ms. Eunice H. Levowitz

Maxine, Tad & Jerry Belson


Mr. Fred Levy

Cora Sue and Stan


Emanuel P. Lewis

Fran Man Foundation, Inc.


Mildred Lewit

Ms. Sheila Bachman


Mrs. Belle Libert

Dr. & Mrs. Steven Goldberg


Elizabeth B. Lilley

Ms. Ruth V. Lilley


Mrs. Louise Limoncelli

Mrs. Pauline Samuels


Mr. Peter Limpourides

Ms. Diana Tagliaferro


Mrs. Helen Linard

Mr. Dimitri Linard


Mr. Joseph Lipson

Ms. Rose Lipson


Ann Lo Dolce

Ms. Rosemarie Iovino


Mrs. Lena Loewenthal

Ms. Erica L. Thomas


Mr. Burton L. London

Ms. Miriam London


Ms. Mercedes Lopez

Ms. Josephine Lopez

Weber Shandwick Worldwide


Ms. Ruby Lowenstein

Mr. Milton J. Lowenstein

Erica Wollin


Mother of Rose Ann Lozinski

Charles J. Tomasino


Mrs. Joan Lucas

Mr. Ronald Lucas


Mr. Carmine R. Lufrano

Ms. Doris Nathanson


Mr. James A. Maclean

Rev. Allen D. Maclean


Mr. and Mrs. John Majarian

Mrs. Barbara Majarian


Mildred J. Malach

Ms. Barbara Eisenman


Mr. A. Paul Malchow

Mr. Paul A. Malchow


Mrs. Margaret ( Peggy ) Maloney

Ms. Beatrice Maloney


Mr. Sidney Malter

Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg

Barbara Rabinowitz


Mr. Joseph Mancuso

Cologero and Michelle Trapani


Mrs. Josephine Manganello

Ms. Donna M. Digiacomo


Ruth Manoff

Ms. Eva Russo


Ms. Dorothy Marcus

Ms. June A. Schofield


Ms. Catherine Maresca

Mrs. Katherine Scala


Ms. Dolly Marinello

Ms. Toni Marchese


Mrs. Rose Marinello

Frank and Janet Alfano


Ms. Joan Marks

Ms. Ruth Levenson


Ms. Fran Marotta

Ms. Elizabeth Hassdenteufel


Ms. Dorothy Mason

Joan W. Blumenfeld, M.S.


Mr. Zoltan M. Mason

Betty Gene and Richard Porotsky


Ms. Dominick Mattiaccia

Terry and Marvin Lerman


Ms. Vicenza Mattiaccia

Terry and Marvin Lerman


Ms. Italia Mazzarella

Ms. Barbara A. Mazzarella


Mrs. June Mazzilli

Rose Lichter


Jessie McFadden

Craig A. Cosenza


Ms. Christine McGrath

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Napolitano


Mrs. Elaine Mednick

Ms. Toby Litt


Mrs. Anna Mejia

Valerie C. Golterman


Ms. Josephine Meli

Ms. Letizia Licata


Mr. Ben Meltzer

Jo Frances Brown


Ms. Hilda Mercogliano

Mr. Curtis G. Marz


Benjamin Mester

Mrs. Joyce Michael


Ms. Theresa Meyers

Stephen and Marsha Meyers


Mr. William Wade Mims

Mr. Arthur S. Mims


Mr. Fred Mirabile

Fred, Patricia, Julie and Michael


Mr. Toni Miraglia

Pete and Bernadette Borea


Ms. Felicetta Monteforte

Ms. Helena Santini


Mr. Micheal Montemarano

Ms. Barbara Montemarano


Ms. Pearl Ann Moore

Mr. Andrew Moore


Mr. Robert Morell

Ms. Mary Ortiz


Mrs. Dorothy Morentz

Ms. Rona Raines


Ms. Marion Morrison

Ms. Joan E. Ohlson


Mrs. Maria Murabito

Aaron Sweeney


Mr. Peter Murphy

Ms. Patricia Ann Murphy


Fannie R. Nadelson

Ms. Judith Nadelson


Ms. Doris Nadler

Ms. Vickie Gimbelman


Mr. Nathan Naumann

Ms. Trudy Dreyer


Mrs. Henni Neumann

Mr. Heinz G. Neumann


Mrs. Dorothy Newfeld

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Isaac


Mr. Abraham Newman

Ms. Clara Oster


Ms. Eleanora Nicastri

Ms. Margaret Louise Hebert


Mrs. Jeanine Gayle Nichols

Edward A. Nichols, M.D.


Mrs. Maria Diaz Nieves

Patricia Giugliano

Laura, Stacey, Karen Christine and Ilisse

Mary Ann Kelly

Murray and Sara Lefsky

Arlene White


Mrs. Mary Noronha

Ms. Eileen Rosenberg


Mrs. Elsie Ogens

Ms. Patricia Sann


Mr. William H. Ohlerking

Mr. Robert W. Ohlerking


Shirley Olk

Ms. Barbara Olk


Father Orlando

Mr. Joseph Onofrietti


Mrs. Margaret Overbey

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Bierbaum


Mrs. Frances M. Owens

Mr. Michael Arangio


Mrs. Barbara Oxman

Kathy Clark


Mr. Raymond Palau

Timothy J. Brosnan & Claire F. O'Brien

Jeremy and Marci Cohen

Robert and Edith Dupuy

Pat & Anton Hemm

Mr. Jonathan Mariner

Ms. Jeanne Webb


Ms. Eleanor Palmer

Palmer-Walker Foundation


Peter J. Palumbo

Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Krasnov


Ms. Catherine Pantina

Ms. Maryann T. Carlino

Ms. Mary Pat Cox


Ms. Lucy Papa

Mr. Anthony Papa


Ms. Alda E. Parisi

Donna Caruso

Antonio and Barbara D' Alessio


Mrs. Mary Parks

Mrs. Nancy Parks O'Neil

Celeste E. Parks

Robert and Gertrude Parks


Mr. William Pedersen

Ms. Audrey D. Pocius


Ms. Adelaide S. Peet

Mr. & Mrs. Joel I. Cohen


Louis Pellecchia

Ms. Gloria Szrajer


Lillian Pellegrino

Ms. Louise Ruckdeschel


Mr. Patrick Pellegrino

The Pellegrino Family


Esther Peskowitz

Corinne & Leonard Steel


Dr. Eugene Petti and Ms. Rose Spina

Dr. Catherine Spina


Ms. Josephine Piazza

Vincenza Loud


Mrs. Margaret Piccininni

Mrs. Patricia Vasquez


Ms. Margaret L. Pierri

Deborah and Mark Barnett

Mr. Paul B. Keller

Stanley and Claire Liang

Morrison & Foerster LLP

Rory Radding & Nina Duchaine


Mrs. Margaret H. Pietrasko

Mr. Joseph E. Pietrasko


Ms. Hana Pilcz

Ms. Maleta Pilcz, C.S.W.


Bernadette Pizza

Ms. Marisa K Pizza


Mr. Ivan Polirer

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Herman


Belle Pollock

Mrs. Joyce Reidy


Minna Pollock

Ms. Isabel Goldstein

Jerome Green Living Trust

Ciciley and  Abe Margolies


Mrs. Lucy Mary Presti

Mr. Frank J. Presti


Mrs. Ann Prezioso

Mr. Gerald Prezioso


Manuel J. Price

Mrs. Ethel R. Price


Mr. Irving Rabinowitz

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Anbinder


Ms. Emily Ramirez

Mrs. Frances Spagnola


Ms. Margaret Redmond

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mahon


Stephanie Reichert

Ms. Cassandra Kounas


Mrs. Florinda Reyes

Mr. Carlos M. Abreu


Mrs. Elsie Rickers

Edmund Gaetjens


Ms. Dorothy Riecker

Robert Riecker


Mr. Charles Rios

Linda A. Klingos


Beatrice Rivkin

Dr. and Mrs. Sherwin J. Berger


Mrs. Ruth Roberts

Joni and Jordan Shames


Mr. Victor R. Robertson

Ms. Anne Russell


Ms. Eloise Robinson

Mrs. Elaine R. Butterfield


Mr. Samuel Rosenberg

Ms. Francine Genser


Mr. Theodore Rosenberg

Elaine and Herbert Cohen

Ms. Florence Gold


Mr. Gerald Rothenberg

Ernie and Harriet Schimel


Ms. Olga Rotondo

Pat Jamieson


Mrs. Shirley Rubenstein

Mr. Lawrence S. Goldman

Ann Marie Prunella


Mr. Moses Rubin

Ms. Judy Rubin


Mr. Thomas Ryan

Partners of TMC Properties


Ms. Florence Sabel

Robert and Robyn Prizer


Ms. Madeline Sacrestano

Ms. Patricia E. Whalen


Sylvia Salmon

Ms. Cleta Salmon


Mr. Rafael Sanchez

Mrs. Miriam Rosado


Mrs. Mildred Santangelo

Ms. Elizabeth Marmo

Diana and Nishan Vartabedian


Ann Santorelli

Ms. Anne Donini


Ms. Virginia Scarola

Colleagues at NARAL Pro Choice NY


Mr. Joseph Scesney

Bank of America

LandAmerica Foundation


Mother of Phil Schaffer

Mrs. Carole Rosenwasser


Ms. Sybil Schaub

Corinne & Leonard Steel


Ms. Rita Joy Schechter

Mr. Donald Schechter


Marguerite Schiffer

Ms. Chris MacLeod


Mr. Sidney Schnapp

Ms. Joyce C. Schnapp


Dick Schneider

Ms. Patricia Hall

Ms. Priscilla Loeb

Ms. Megan E. Maher

Bob & Peg Marcus

Ms. Elysabeth H. Miller

Paul and Marcie Milligan

Bob & Bonnie Namiot

Mr. William Luke Reilly

William Sequin & James Grande


Ms. Bella Schulman

Mr. Matthew Brief


Mr. Alan Schultz

Dr. and Mrs. Allan R. Hoffman


Mr. Arthur C. Schwab

Ms. Regina Schwab


Parents of Maida Schwab

Ms. Maida Schwab


Ms. Bea Schwartz

Trudy Owett


Ms. Blanche Schwartz

Leni and Dan Michaels


Grandmother of Meryl Schwartz

Ms. Amanda Goldberg


Irving Schwartz

Ms. Debra R. Schwartz


Ms. Ruth Schwartz

Regina Landau


Mrs. Sue Seiden

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Orgel


Ms. Susan Seiden

Ms. Helen G. Markovich


Mr. John Semerski

Ms. Helen Martin


Mr. Albert F. Senior

Audrey and Reginald Rasch


Mrs. Cecile Senor

Donato and Huguette Havdala


Mr. Carmine Senzino

Mr. and Mrs. Serafino T. Catapano


Ms. Evelyn Sferra

Ms. Carol Pernicone


Mrs. Hortense Shair

Ms. Joan Kaner


Sara Sheiner

Ms. Naomi Sheiner


Ms. Edythe Shepard

Susan and Alan Margolis


Mr. Myron Shepard

Ms. Lynn Feldman


Ms. Rose Sher

Jacqueline and Joshua Crusco


Mrs. Barbara Siegel

Mrs. Carole Ross


Harry Siegel

Ms. Rochelle Marmorek


Ms. Pearl Kluger Siegel

Ms. Roberta S. Columbus


Mrs. Frances Silk

Ms. Barbara Piken


Ms. Emilia Silva

Mr. Carlos A. Cisneros


Ms. Lillian Silverberg

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Roth


Ms. Shirley Silverberg

Mr. David J. Silverberg


Mr. Harry Silvers

Ms. E. Bonnie Silvers


Mrs. Pearl Silverstein

Ms. Gail Weiss


Nicholas Singer

Ms. Margot Singer


Mr. Milton Sirkin

Cheryl Fox


Mr. Ben Slotkis

Ms. Jennifer L. Yanowitz


Mrs. Helen Slott

Ms. Gloria Frank


Mr. Samuel E. Smalls

Ms.  Arthella Smalls


Mrs. Laura Solomon

Ken and Christine Molnar


Ms. Beatrice Sommer

Ms. Selma Weinstein


Mrs. Norma Sosne

Alex Resnick


Ms. Eva St. Denis

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scherer


Mrs. Dorothy Stabile

Ms. Esta Fischer

Mr. Douglas P. Galgano


Mrs. Mary Staines

Conrad and Miriam Metzger


Mr. Hubert Steiner

Frances A. Thomas


Mr. Ed Stelzer

Mr. and Mrs. James King

Ms. Cindy Levy

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Lyshak

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Mortier


Mother of Betty Stewart

Ms. Betty Stewart


Mr. Albert Stricker

Mr. Jeffrey Mitzner and Family


Ms. Phyllis Studner

Myron M. Studner Foundation, Inc.


Mr. Ken Sutton

Jud, Casey, Beth, Matt & Bob


Ms. Tillie Tanner

Mr. Kenneth Alweis


Fanny Taranto

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Biordi


Mr. Douglas G. Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. James G Taylor


Ms. June Taylor

Norma Taylor


Mrs. Zana Terrace

Bruce and Gayll Fisher


Father of Harold Thies

Ms. Gloria Bloom


Mrs. Norma Ticknor

Ms. Renee Ticknor


Mr. Michael Tisbe

Donna Cole

Martin Conway

Mrs. Michele Gadomski and Family

Jason and Vincenza Masiero

Kimberly Pirro

George and Sue Weissner


Ms. Maria Toromoreno

The ALHS Sunshine Club


Mr. Earl A. Travers

Mrs. Louise L. Brown


Mrs. Josephine Tricano

Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Sampugnaro


Penelope Tsaousis

Ms. Theodora ( Teddi ) Tsaousis


The Turanick Family

Ms. Kathleen Hager


Mr. George J. Val

Mrs. Carol Ann Pilinko


Mr. Anthony and Ms. Marina Valcarcel

Ms. Juliet A. Gonzalez


Mrs. Rosaria Valenti

Mr. Gaspare Valenti


Rubitak Vartanian

Mrs. Jo Ann Zolotin


Ms. Frances Venturella and Sisters

Ms. Glorian Venturella


Efrain Vera

Ms. Arcelia Vera


Mrs. Ann T. Verdone

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Adams

Mrs. Lynn Carrico

Ms. Christine Cheng

Caroline, Ms. Rhonda, Laura & Shawn

Mr. Richard Friedman

Mr. Arthur Jankolovits

Ms. Rebecka Jerome

Sonia and Patrick Murdock

Ms. Beryl Rosendorf

Mrs. Stella Rossman

Mrs. Stephanie Sandor

Ms. Catherine M. Wilkes


Mrs. Rose Vetrano

Mr. & Mrs. Al Vetrano


Mr. Joseph Vitanza

Ms. Patricia Vitanza


Mrs. Maria Volo

The Staff of P.S. 5


Mr. Murray Wallach

Ms. Ellen Wallach


Mrs. Barbara Walton

Jacqueline T. Dalton

Eileen McEvoy at Empire State Development Corporation

Jonathan D. Springer

Robin J. Stout

Colleen Woodell

Judy Zorfas


Ms. Mildred Waltzer

Dr. Hildreth Waltzer


Ms. Annie Watson

Ms. Barbara Watson


Ms. Barbara J. Watson

Roosevelt & Cross, INC.


Mr. Charley Wehner

Ms. Diane M Wehner


Mrs. Virginia Weil

Ms. Norma Risman


Mr. Samuel G. Weiner

Mrs. Sarah Elliston Weiner


Ms. Florence Weinstein

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Ellert


Mr. Martin Weinstock

Ms. Anne Weinstock


Mr. Robert T. Wenger

Joan and Robert Wenger


Mrs. Erica Whitehead

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hoffman


Mrs. Eva Widawsky

I. David Widawsky


Amanda Wierzba

Christine Wierzba


Mrs. Helen Williams

Ms. Edwina Williams


Mrs. Miriam Wolfe

Ms. Nessa Baum Kaplan


Mrs. Naomi Wolfe

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Goldsmith


Mr. Cyril Wolpert

Ms. Patricia Bollbach


Mr. Ben Wolyniec

John and Patricia Wolyniec


Ms. Wylona B. Woo

Ms. Margaret C. Woo


Mr. Nick Xenakis

Antigoni Tsamparlis


Mr. Raimondo Zangrandi

Mr. & Mrs. Saul Bernstein

Donovan and Raffaela Hasfal

Marion and Diyu Pearce


Mr. Felix Zauberman

Lois and Milton Rothburd


Anna Zdibak

Ms. Elizabeth Z. Hayes, R.N.


Carmelo Zizza

Salvatore and Agatha DiBartolo


Ms. Ruth Zuckerman

Estha and Henry Decker


Joseph Zummo

Ms. Victoria E. Zummo

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Albstein

Fred Rebak



Mrs. Deborah Prince


All Those With Dementia

Faye and Steven Tanzer


Elaine Applebaum

Jerry and Lila Green


Mrs. Christine Barone

Joseph Barone, West Babylon High School


Isabel T. Bedrosian

Ms. Karen B. Richardson


Dorothy Benda

Ms. Annette Fox


Mrs. Olga Benson

Ms. Krista Nieder-Eichholz



Mrs. Deborah Prince


Wife of Horace Booker

Mr. Horace Booker


Ms. Rose Anne Boyle

Ms. Rosemary Dove


Mr. William M. Brachfeld

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gordon


Della Calamuso

Mrs. Debra Schmidberger


Ms. Belle Calderon

Ms. Rita Calderon


Mrs. Roseann Caramico

John and Alyse Castaldi


Nicholas A. Carozza

Mr. Joseph M. Carozza



Mr. John F. Yzaguirre


Mr. Eddie Childs

Ms. Janie Childs


Marilyn and Robert Cohen

Atwood Consulting, Inc.

Mr. Leon Meyers


Mr. Paul M. Cohen

Peggy, Todd, Jason and Jeff


Geraldine Colvin

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Colvin


Ms. Christina Condron

Mr. Sean Condron


Ms. Rose Conti

Ms. Kathleen Angrisani


Elizabeth Cummings

Ms. Alice Dadourian


Ms. Sally Dalto

Ms. Diane Dipaola


Dr. Piero De Luise

Cynthia De Luise, Ph.D.

Dr. Vincent De Luise


Mrs. Ida Decina

Ms. Carol Decina


Elaine Derba's Mother

Mrs. Elaine Derba


Mrs. Betty Diskin

Harriet, Adrianne, and David Kafkewitz

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Matofsky


Arthur and Gail Doscher

Ms. Hazel Feldman


Ms. Ruth Dubin

Jason Theobald and Jeannie


Mr. & Mrs. J. Epstein

Mr. William Fink


Mr. William Ersfeld

Ms. Dorothy Ersfeld


Mrs. Senia E. Feiner

Mr. and Ms. Richard P. Moskwiak


Ms. Kathy Lyne Ferguson

Robert Quincy & Judith Low


Ms. Estrella Fraga

Mr. Jorge D. Fraga


Mr. Anthony Gallo

Ms. Connie Gallo


Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gaudioso

Ms. Angela M. Gaudioso


Ms. Sara Gerlach

Jill and Gary Gerlach


Mrs. Marilyn Tune Gessin

Ms. Barbara Weisen


Mr. Laurence Goldfein

Benjamin Brafman

Robert S. Fink

Arthur and Sara Sachs


Mrs. Susan Goldfein

Allen and Claudine Siegel


Mr. Meyer Goldman

Ms. Helen Goldman


Ms. Grace Goldstein

Mr. Alvin George


Gloria and Eugene Goodman's Children

Eugene & Gloria Goodman Foundation


Mrs. Lucy J. Graham

Ms. Mildred Graham


Mr. Steven Gremminger

Sandra F. Shatkin


Ms. Betty Guttag

Mr. Robert Guttag


Mrs. Marjorie Guttman

Mrs. and Mr. Caryl Gordon

Ms. Roberta Oliner


Milton and Bernice Haber

Ms. Ursula B. Seligmann


Ruth Hennig

Ms. Renee Greenstein


Mrs. Theresa Henschel

Ms. Karen M. Goldstein


Mary Hirshman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saliani


Mr. James G. Houlihan

James G. Houlihan Family Second LP


Ms. Ellen Hovde

Mrs. Tessa Huxley


Mr. Brian Hsia

Ms. Nicole Cohen

Mr. Brian Fisher

Ms. Laura Goodman

Ms. Jan A. Gorlach

Mr. Brian Guerrero

Mr. Brad Jacobsen

Mr. Anick Jesdanun

Ms. Betty Joseph

Mr. Shuet Leung Kam

Sandford Kornfeld

Ms. Jennifer Kovacs

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Large

Ms. Deirdre McEvoy

Mr. Peter W. Murray

Mr. William M. Singer

Mr. Scott Swanay

Ms. and Mr. Shirling Tsai

Ms. Jennifer Vo

Mr. Benjamin C. Wagner


Ms. Sarah Hughes

Mr. Dan Ahearn

Lynne C. Boulos

Mr. Jeff Buckner

Anita L. Concialdi

Ann A. Craig

Ms. Gina Dilillo

Joseph G. Gerena

Miss Kathleen Hughes

Michelle Lodge

Ms. Cynthia O'Brien

Ms. Tara Rose

Ms. Pamela Walker

Ms. Beth Weinstein


Sunnie Kenowsky Irving, D.V.M.

Gigi Myer, Larry Reiff, and Birgit Pols


Philip R. James

Mai Z. James


Mr. Jeffrey N. Jones

John and Ilene Boucher


Mrs. Erna Judson

Doris and Mitchell Stein


Mrs. Florence Kasman

Mr. Kenny S. Kasman


Mr. Alfred H. Kleiman

Mr. Alfred H. Kleiman


Mr. Raphael Klein

Ms. Elaine Cohn


Connie Kopelov

Ms. Phyllis Siegel


Mrs. Norma Kurlander

Les and Linda Weinberg


Mrs. Linley Francis Lewis

Ms. Althea Profitt


Dolores Lieth

Ms. Stephanie M. Bulyk


William and Carol Lipton

Mrs. Deborah Prince


Mrs. Gladys Maglantay

Mr. and Mrs. Pacifico A. Maglantay


Dr. Anthony Marano

Peggy and Sam Rabkin


David Marcus & Sally Burns

Ilene and Alan Sperling


Ms. Mary McKenna

Frank and Joanne McKenna


Yolanda Menillo

Mr. Robert Menillo


Gloria Merson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Paquette


Ms. Paulette Michaud

Mrs. Thelma Chesney

Ms. Irene Muschel

Leslie and Julie Ruff


Ms. Patricia Miele

Paulette and Arthur Rudy


Joyce Edna Mordecal

Ms. Myrna Jones


Ms. Dorothy Morris

Mr. James Morris


Sophie Newburgh

Mr. Morton Newburgh


Ms. Maureen O'Neill

Ms. Julie O'Neill


Ms. Pat A. Palmieri

Gilda Latzky


Ms. Rose Panzarino

Mr. Anthony V. D'Amico


Mr. Steven Corbett Pierson

John and Patricia Pierson


Ms. Fanny Podolsky

Helene and Robert Beda


Mr. Stuart Podolsky

Dr. Marty and Ruth Fox & Family


Mrs. Lucy Mary Presti

Mr. and Mrs. John Baer


Mr. Kenneth B. Rabb

Mrs. Priscilla Rabb Ayres


Mother of Malika Ramirez

Malika and Juan Ramirez


Mrs. Sofia Richter

Mrs. and Mr. Giannina Schwendermann


Agustin Rosario

Agustin Rosario


Louis and Myra Rosen

Maurice and Ellen Elias


Bernice Rosenbloom

Ms. Amy S. Cohen


Vito Rotondo

Leah and Rich Wolf


Dr. William Ruberman

Ms. Louise Bucheister


Ms. Lorraine Ruggieri

Eric Brauer & Luanne McGrain


Mrs. Patricia Sadllier and Family

Ms. Shirley Genn


Nydia Santiago

Ms. Mandy Santiago


Pauline Seidman

Ms. Sylvia Markowitz and Ms.Miriam Hering


Mrs. Dorothy C. Silverstein

Mrs. Ilse Blumenfeld

Mrs. Juliette Elias

Ms. Nancy Goldstein

Mrs. Barbara Kania - Mailman

Mrs. and Mr. Johanna B. Rodriguez

Kathryn Swintek Dorra & Andre Dorra


Mrs. Esther Slotnick

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Sentner/Steiger; Ms. Barbara Leed


Ms. Anna Spitz

Ms. Marjorie Spitz


Ms. Diana Stone

Ms. Karen Morse


Mrs. Lillian Sutton

Mr. Laurence D. Cohen


Celia Tapia

Ms. Carmen C. Scales


Todd and Tiffany

Mrs. Deborah Prince


Mr. Steve Topchik

Patricia A Frungillo


Mr. Jeffrey H. Tucker

Howard and Beverly Frank


Ms. Ann Viney

Ms. Frances Shleffar


Ms. Claudia Waite

Peter and Nancy Simpson


David A. Walker, L.M.T.

Ms. Shari Balaish

Pamela J. Becking

Ms. Jo-Anne Chasnow

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Collins

Mr. James Compton

Mr. Robert Creighton

Ms. Lynn Curran

Barbara and Richard Dannenberg

Mr. Laurence Draper

Ruth I Durkee

Cathleen A. Freeman

John and Mary Gerster

Mr. and Mrs. Davidson T. Gordon

Elaine Hajian

Ms. Joyce Healy

John and Louise Kerner

Ms. Lynn Korda Kroll

Mrs. Sarah Krushinski

Mr. John Laughlin

Mr. Darren Lee

Ms. Denise W. Lee

Ms. Jessica Lee

Mr. William Leung

Ms. Virginia Loughman

Mr. Mark O'Gawa

Rose C Palermo

Sheldon and Sherry Schmidt

John and Susan Skowron

M.J. and Susan Thomson

Ernesto and Christina Vega

Ms. Diane Walker

Kaare and Turid Wick

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Zeko


Ms. Joan Wickham

Ms. Marie Wickham


Mark Zurack & Kathy Ferguson

Kenneth and Jacqueline Falk

Miss Deborah Kerley

Robert Quincy & Judith Low

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Schechter

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